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For over 25 years, clirico has been developing comprehensive industry-specific organizational and staff development tools to enhance organizational effectiveness. Working at the governmental and municipal level, they offer toolkits that address common workplace challenges in operations, accountability, legislative requirements and human resource management.

We’ve worked with clirico on numerous small-scale web projects since 2009. In recent years, they began reaching a ceiling in terms of operational capacity. The 25+ years of research and compilation of policies and procedures were contained in older formats, requiring manual updates, massive re-prints, and in-person distribution. Legislative changes or operational requirement updates for industry-specific protocols were not easy to distribute.

Catalyst for Change

The catalyst for change came in an unlikely form - the outbreak of COVID-19, which created a near-impossible demand for updated toolkits for every client simultaneously, as well as the inability of clirico to meet with their clients in person.

Clirico came to us with a request: could we help them get the new COVID-19 regulations online for organizations to access.

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Our Approach

We quickly responded with a customized online solution enabling them to disseminate updates quickly and easily. The solution worked well, and we saw an opportunity for clirico to overcome some of their key challenges and presented them with the possibility of taking the entire business model online—something they had considered but seemed like a distant plan.

Increasing Value for Clients

The development of a Software-as-a-Service digital solution for clirico has completely changed the way they do business. It significantly increases the value of service they can offer their clients. The digitization of their library of resources allows for efficient global updates and the ability for employees at client organizations to access the resources with a personal login, allowing them to research, bookmark and utilize the information they need quickly and easily.

The capacity for new business is tremendous, as they can onboard multiple client organizations at a time. A process that used to take months per client now takes a few weeks to have the client organization set up with the information they need, offering ease of accessibility for its employees.

Our OEHQ website snapshot

Featured Deliverables

  • Digitization of 25+ years of organizational policy and procedure resources
  • Creation of a business framework to support the efficient circulation of and access to the information by interested parties
  • Creation of a digital strategy to support the new business framework
  • SaaS development and technology integration
  • Business consultation and strategic planning

“Helis helped us systematically achieve the rapid deployment and actualization of our new suite of online tools so that we could support our client-base providing essential services during the COVID-19 crisis. The Helis team is knowledgeable, solutions-driven, energetic, professional, and well-organized as they collaborate with you to define and realize your strategic technological goals. We consider Helis to be valued members of our team!.”

Roxane Gray - Owner and CEO


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