We are diverse. We have a versatile group and celebrate our unique strengths – from developers, designers to project managers, our team has one thing in common and that is a heart to help business’ and organizations thrive.  We don’t try to see how you can be better than others but how you can showcase and celebrate what makes you unique and different as well.

The people behind the magic

Erick Cardoza

Technology Integration
Specialist & Owner

Erick has been designing thought provoking websites for over 15 years. He is one of those rarities, as some might call a ‘unicorn’ with talents in both design and development. His ability to direct and inspire has made him a successful leader and artist.

Jodie Cardoza

Architect & Project Manager

Jodie is our process guru. With her background in graphic design coupled with her innate ability to build brilliant digital workflows, she is the glue that holds the team together. She has 16 years of project management and workflow experience.

Allison Betts

Brand Specialist

Allison has spent 15 years developing brands through print, environments and digital. She has a talent to understand what people want and how to prompt interactions. With seven years experience in sales, she understands how to create useful tools that will generate a results.

Ricardo Cardoza

Back End Developer

Ricardo lives and breathes code and has a natural mind for technology. We call him our inhouse problem solver. His ability to analyze and crack the toughest development problems is inspiring.

Our Genesis Message

In the beginning, there was Erick. A designer and developer with a dream to use the digital space to communicate and reach at a time where people still put thousands of dollars into yellow page ads. He started the company Randomtype Inc. which quickly became a successful digital web agency. 

As websites, apps and digital marketing grew, so did the company resulting in the need to rethink our own strategy. Requests grew and Randomtype became the go-to company for people requiring a variety of marketing and branding material. Furthermore; we discovered that it wasn’t enough creating a website alone. We began to focus on branding which brought insight to the scope of the project and defined long-term company goals and strategies. By starting with refining the existing brand, the design time was shortened, content became easier to create and the projects started taking less time as a result. We had a heart to help people do their job better and make the process a lot easier for them.

This is where Hēlis was born. Out of a desire to help people within positions to make their company successful and give their business a voice. We began to develop tools to help them become organized, to communicate efficiently with their team and to create their own marketing materials and maintain the professionalism and integrity of their brand.

Hēlis is not your average agency. Our goal is to help you do your job better and execute each marketing project efficiently while keeping it afordable.

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