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Our team loves to solve problems. We have the experience necessary to make your project a resounding success. While our team of designers and researchers have the capability to take on just about anything you throw at us, here are the main areas we specialize in.

Our Services

Strategy is in everything we do. Every tool, every system, every brand that we build begins with a solid foundation to help increase your leverage and reach your ultimate goal.

Web & Interactive Design

A website is a necessary asset for every business and organization. An effective, beautiful website can put you over the top. We design responsive sites with care given to everything from information architecture to content, colour to typography, UX to e-commerce.

Web  & Application Development

Sometimes your ideas are much bigger than the standard website. Whether it’s a new app you’re looking to build or a business function you’re looking to automate - we’ll work with you to dream and build an application that is intuitive, effortless to use and returns your investments.

Branding & Strategy

Every great company is founded on a blend of a solid message and a strong identity. Whether you’re just getting started or you have an established organization, you can trust us to communicate who you are, what you do and most importantly why you matter to your customers.

Workflow Optimization & Consultation

Information when you need it is the key. Your website, application and in-office workflows should work together and help you get your work done faster and more accurate. We can help you optimize or implement your organization digital workflows.


We are diverse. We have a versatile group and celebrate our unique strengths – from developers, designers to project managers, our team has one thing in common and that is a heart to help business’ and organizations thrive.  We don’t try to see how you can be better than others but how you can showcase and celebrate what makes you unique and different as well.

Jodie Cardoza

Information Architect, CEO

Jodie is a born leader. She loves to connect the dots and dream of all the possibilities. She also loves collaboration and whiteboard markers. which makes her a natural connector between clients, teams and success. She combines great communication skills with empathy for her teams, clients, and end-users. Between her experience in creating and leading non-profit and for-profit organizations and more than 15 years of corporate management experience, she brings curiosity, creativity, and flexibility along with a keen focus on shared goals.

Erick Cardoza

Technology Integration Specialist

Erick has established a reputation as a successful entrepreneur and well-respected voice in the community. Erick founded HELIS to build a digital agency committed to high-quality web design & development, interaction design, and user-interface design. Though formally trained as a designer, he is one of those rarities, as some might call a ‘unicorn’ with talents in both design and development. However, his greatest passion is to connect great people with the goal of making meaningful work and hopefully making the world a better place along the way.

Allison Betts

Brand Specialist

Allison has spent 15 years developing brands through print, environments and digital. She has a talent to understand what people want and how to prompt interactions. With seven years experience in sales, she understands how to create useful tools that will generate a results.

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