Specializing in Assessing: Resiliency, Social-Emotional Competencies, Student Engagement & Positive Mental Health

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Resiliency can shape an educational environment where students feel cared for and teachers are valued.

Research demonstrates that education promoting social and emotional learning (SEL) gets results. Our tool helps schools to identify key areas and track progress.

Provide Connection

Interact with students through meaningful relationships

Create Security

Reduce risk while increasing student’s college and career readiness

Make Informed Decisions

Select the appropriate resources to bring about measurable results for students

Promote Resilience

Engage and build student’s internal capacity to navigate life’s problems

A resilient student has the ability to perceive life’s challenges as opportunities to learn and grow. They demonstrate: grit, a growth mindset, assertiveness, healthy peer relationships, school engagement, a sense of belonging, teamwork and tenacity with an ability to make good decisions.

How it works

Using the Resiliency Student Profiles, educators can understand how each student perceives their internal and external strengths. It becomes easy to determine the best strategy to engage in each student’s life when all 31 factors within the Resiliency Framework are measured.

Getting started is easy

Onboard is a groundbreaking tool that measures strengths and vulnerabilities through an app guided by the Resiliency Framework. The set-up is easy and you can be up and running within a few hours.

  • Chart trends at a glance
  • Filter data
  • In-depth student profiles
  • Sharable highlights for students & parents
  • Insight tools for SRG’s or SLT’s when doing IPP’s
  • Targeted workshops

How a Calgary school rose above adversity

In a school situated in a complex area of Calgary, students neither felt safe, nor supported and valued in the community. By measuring the community factors with the Onboard survey, the school was able to see trends and pinpoint the problem. The data inspired them to look for an appropriate community-based program.

The school saw significant impact within the first year. It shifted the perspective of how the students felt they could relate to the adults around them. Additionally, because people from the community were brought in to join this program, it actually began to change the community as well. After three years of taking all the kids through this program, there was charted improvement.

Don Barbor

Secondary Principal, Calgary, Alberta

“The Resiliency tool was essential for us in measuring and pinpointing areas of vulnerability. The set-up was quick and the survey results were easy to understand. We went from being in the lowest 5% in the province for achievement, and within three years we reached acceptable standard marks in every area. Thanks to Onboard, we were able to clarify our students vulnerabilities and give them the support they desperately needed.”

Resilient students achieve significantly greater academic success. The numbers speak for themselves - strengths-based school cultures are the future.

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