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Back in 1980, audioblogging made it’s debut. Crude and highly technical, this media type was conceived in hopes of becoming the next big means of promotions and reaching audiences. More than 25 years later we have Podcasting! With over 115,000 english podcasts never has it been so easy to reach, engage, and build audiences around virtually any topic.

We teamed up with Lucas Duxbury - musician, podcaster, and entrepreneur to tackle a series of problems surrounding recording, publishing, and archiving of podcasts.

The Solution: Live Audio Cast


We delivered a proposal with timelines, technical specifications, cost, and market insights, all of which are integral to the success of a project. Our team was awarded the project due to our forthcoming nature and ability to wrangle such a diverse group of developers & designers to take on this project.


There wasn’t any existing software in this realm, the web app needed to be easy to adopt, save time on recording and compiling, enable show intros/outros, wrapped into a package providing tremendous amount of value to podcast recorders, producers, and end users alike. Our main goal was to simplify the workflow of podcasting in a stupid simple way giving back time to app users. Hitting the drawing boards we sketched out user flows inline with the technical specifications. We typically start this process with “back of napkin” style drawings to get a feel for how the application will work before getting fancy with any design or setting anything in stone.


Successfully seeing the project through required timelines, cost analysis, and milestone orientated development. Our lead project manager Jodie broke down internal and client tasks, and using our project management software to delegated in a highly digestible fashion. This kept the project on track throughout the creation lifecycle, enabling us to meet deadlines while keeping to our projected budget.


With the app nearly ready to roll out to customers, we had our team of copywriters revise the website & internal app’s content. The website needed to tell the story of this app, how it functions, what pains it will meet, while enticing users to signup and pay for the service. From feature lists to PR packages, Jessica and her dandy helpers crafted beautiful words to effectively convey the desired messages.


Nearly every app we create starts with a Minimum Viable Product - developing an app that requires the least amount of effort to bring to market, deeming it a success. In developing Live Audio Cast we worked with experts in online audio recording, server setup/maintenance, User Interface (UI)/User Experience (UX) design, and web app development. This enabled us to make effective decisions, evolve the product according to tester feedback, and ultimately build the bare bones of this online app.


With the software structure built, we jumped into designing the apps UI with it’s target audience in mind. Our intent was to make its usage super simple, intuitive, and in a fashion that leverages the app’s many tools. From a marketing perspective, we kept all devices in mind making sure not to alienate anyone, regardless of how they accessed the website. Essentially we provided an "all-in" level of services building the app, it's back & front end website, and marketing site alike.


Theres no sense in re-creating the wheel, this usually means a huge bill if we do. Keeping budget in mind we spent time researching other services available to plug into, playing off the hard work of others. We decided to host podcasts on Amazon Web Services, we created a simple wordpress plugin for website owners to repost podcasts, and use Podio to manage sales leads/customer service tickets. This saved Lucas well over $50,000 not to mention a month or two of development time.


No business can go without a website these days, especially when dealing with software as a service (SaaS). To kick things off we ran through the buzz and brand strategy, mapping out our approach in bringing this app to market. We were charged to create a simple website to communicate how the software works, convert interested users into paying/trial customers, facilitate customer service efforts, devise pricing schemes, brainstorm tag lines, and track sales leads. Our team headed up the design, development, copywriting, and SEO.


With the app ready for market, we sent out tweets, Facebook messages, contacted promotional blogs, and pounded the pavement. With users in the door we started collecting intensely valuable feedback and prioritized our continued development plan to grow alongside our users. Currently we’re working on delivering a metrics panel along with migration tool, letting Live Audio Cast’s users determine future features for development.


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