We love animals, so why wouldn't we jump at the opportunity to work with an awesome group of veterinarians? A rebrand and website breathed life and fun into the Horizon Vet Group while setting them apart from their competitors.


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The former website was dusty, littered with old content, irrelevant images, and obsolete services. The new site was given a new cohesive design, a much needed lift to current web standards and the ability for the HVG staff to update the site. Happiness.


This is the best part! We love working with our clients for the long haul. HVG became a monthly member which enabled us to continually evolve and enhance their website and marketing collateral. Constantly touching their website keeps it at the front of our minds allowing us to continually consult on best practices to grow their online presence.


We’re still going strong with HVG! Rolling out in the months to come is a development & design roadmap encompassing email marketing, content marketing, online system analysis/redesign, and more. Pending on present company needs - such as a need for more clients, better client education, new services/product offerings - we take an agile approach to meeting their needs. Our mission is to advise, inform and guide them in the right direction for growing their business.


Gone are the days of guess work with the internet. Using a wide range of reporting and metric tools, we’re able to track data such as how users access the site, what content is utilized, how systems are being used. Data driven optimization methodology means we pivot the direction of websites based on measured data rather than guessing at what our best moves could be.


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